About us

We are a group of concerned people who care about badgers and the wildlife of east Kent. Too often, badgers have suffered (and still suffer) from development, cruelty (including badger - digging and baiting), and from the general pressures of everyday life in the Gateway to Europe. Our members include farmers, retired people, foresters, professional people, housewives, students and others.

What we do:

Educational talks to a wide variety of clubs, schools, associations and youth groups

Monitoring planning applications

Liaison with statutory and other bodies regarding potential problems for badgers

Liaison with the police and RSPCA. over cases of cruelty or other infringements of badger protection legislation

Running a 24 hr. rescue service for badgers injured on roads, or stuck in buildings and other odd places

Dealing with orphaned animals

Liaison with landowners and occupiers, particularly with respect to badger problems, for which we usually offer a free service

Promoting badgers as part of our wildlife heritage and thereby, incidentally, helping to protect and conserve other animals and plants


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